Postdoc – Protein aggregation in neurodegeneration

Antwerp VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology

27 Apr 2022

Antwerp, Leuven

VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology

Frederic Rousseau and Joost Schymkowitz Lab, Rosa Rademakers Lab



16 May 2022

Postdoc – Protein aggregation in neurodegeneration
At VIB Switch Laboratory, KU Leuven & VIB Rademakers Laboratory, UAntwerp

About the laboratories

This unique postdoctoral opportunity aims to bridge two leading VIB laboratories with unique expertise:

  • The SWITCH Laboratory is one of the leading laboratories in human disease-related protein aggregation. It is an interdisciplinary workplace, bringing together about twenty researchers from different backgrounds, such as bioinformatics, biophysics and cell biology. SWITCH has a unique platform of technologies for studying protein aggregation, including biophysical, ultrastructural and cell biological instrumentations. 
  • The Rademakers Laboratory is a leader in the genetic and molecular studies of the specific proteinopathy, frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD), with a rich network of collaborations in clinical and basic neuroscience and access to unique patient samples and data.

For a primer on who we are, what we do and our latest work, see &

Your Job

This unique postdoctoral opportunity aims to leverage the expertise of both laboratories to study the physical properties of the major FTLD risk factors and their role in protein aggregation in neurodegenerative diseases.

In the first year, at the SWTICH laboratory, you will investigate the protein structure and aggregation of the proteins. You will use computational modelling techniques as well as experimental approaches, using purified proteins, cell-free translation assays and omics methods in cells. In the second year, at the Rademakers Laboratory, you will transfer and apply newly generated knowledge acquired in the SWITCH laboratory to the study of protein aggregation in human brain tissue and biofluids and investigate its potential as a disease biomarker.


  • Ph.D. in a topic related to protein aggregation
  • Strong interest in protein aggregation and its role in disease.
  • A solid publication record with first-author research publication(s) in peer-reviewed international journals
  • Expertise in biophysical or biochemical methods to study protein aggregation 
  • Expertise in working with cellular aggregation assays
  • Expertise in performing aggregation assays with patient-derived materials
  • Highly motivated, enthusiastic, critical and creative
  • The ability to work in a multidisciplinary team is a must

We offer

  • A versatile and challenging job across two top research laboratories
  • A vibrant, world-class research environment operating at an international level
  • Access to the resources of VIB and the host institutions KU Leuven and UAntwerp:
    • VIB, an excellence-based research institute
    • KU Leuven, one of Europe’s leading research universities
    • The University of Antwerp, a research university in the biggest city of Flanders where pioneering, innovative research is conducted at an international level.
  • State of the art research facilities in both Leuven and Antwerp
  • A dedicated training program to broaden your expertise and enhance your skillset
  • A competitive compensation package based on expertise and experience
  • Financial support for at least 1 year, with the potential to be extended upon positive review. The successful candidate is encouraged to obtain a personal fellowship (Marie-Curie, HFSP, EMBO, or national funding organizations)

Starting Date: as soon as possible

How to apply?

For more information contact or Please complete the online application procedure and include a detailed CV including a list of publications, a motivation letter, and the contact information of three referees.